Your body, heart and mind are interconnected

We believe women’s health services should be too. Whether you are planning a pregnancy, dealing with menopause or having health issues, our team takes a comprehensive and integrated care approach to your wellbeing to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

At the WOMEN Centre, we offer treatment and support for:

  • Pap smear concerns

  • Prolapse, incontinence and discharge

  • Heavy periods, fibroids and ovarian cysts

  • Endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain

  • Complex medical conditions requiring contraception

  • Issues arising from surgical and natural menopause

  • Cancers of the reproductive system

  • Risk reduction surgery for cancer

  • Minimally invasive gynaecological surgery via laparoscopic or robot-assisted approach

  • Sexual intimacy enhancement

Our Services

WOMEN stands for Western Australia Oncology Menopause Endometriosis New mothers. It is our privilege to be able to support and care for you through all stages of your life.

Our team, comprising specialist doctors and allied health professionals, takes care of any possible women’s health concerns.

Whether it is sitting down with our menopause specialist or our clinical sexologist and counsellor to talk through sexuality and intimacy concerns, our specialists are here for you. If all you want is some advice, our nurses will be on hand.

You might not need all our services, but it is comforting to know that if you do, they are here. There is no need to travel from one specialist to another, repeating your story at every visit.

Our team

Whatever you come to see us for, our team of specialists will always treat you as a person, not a condition. Our comprehensive and integrated care approach ensures the best treatment outcome possible and endeavours to restore your quality of life.

You never know how long the journey will take or whose help you might need along the way. Which is why at the WOMEN Centre, we have assembled a team of expert health professionals: a women’s health menopause specialist; gynaecologists; gynaecologic oncologist; clinical sexologist and counsellor, to look after your total wellbeing.

For Patients

We are here for you – our comprehensive and integrated care approach allows us to provide seamless care; you are treated as a whole person, not just a disease or a condition. The difference this can make to your quality of life is profound.

Of course, all you may need from us is a Cervical Screening Test (Formally Pap test) every five years. However, isn’t it reassuring to know that if you need more support, the team is ready? There’s no need to travel from one specialist to another, repeating your story at every visit.

Are you visiting the WOMEN Centre for the first time? Save time by completing our simple online registration form before your visit.

For Doctors

When you refer a patient to the WOMEN Centre, you are making sure that she will be cared for by a team of medical specialists and allied health professionals. She can draw on as many, or as few, of our services as she needs.

Each recommended treatment will be tailored to suit the individual patient, and referring medical practitioners / specialists will be duly informed and involved in the follow-up care of patients.

Our experience has taught us that the benefits of integrated care extend to every stage of a woman’s life. Whether it’s endometriosis, menopause, we don’t just manage the condition – we treat the whole person. For cancer patients especially, this holistic Survivorship model is considered best practice and has been shown to improve quality of life.

Our medical specialists and allied health professionals take a truly collaborative and integrated approach to patient care in order to ensure the best outcome possible and patients regaining their quality of life after treatment.

Referral may be faxed or e-mailed.

Fax: +61 8 9381 2006


All referrals are personally reviewed and triaged by our doctors or allied health professionals, where relevant and appropriate.


We believe in and advocate medical research that leads to improvement in treatment, health outcome and quality of life for patients.

Our medical specialists and allied health professionals are actively involved in research and have published peer-reviewed research papers and presented at regional and national conferences.