Menopause Symptoms After Cancer

At WOMEN Centre, we aim to provide evidence based advice and treatments for women with menopausal symptoms which have arisen as a result of their treatment for cancer.

Cancer treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, pelvic radiation, and endocrine therapies (anti-estrogens), may cause:

  1. Loss of fertility.
  2. Loss of menstrual periods.
  3. Symptoms of estrogen deficiency, including hot flushes, night sweats, mood changes, sleep disturbance, aching joints, and vaginal dryness and poor lubrication during sexual arousal.
  4. Anxiety, sadness and emotional upset.

These symptoms are often distressing and for a younger woman, may come as a shock as she may be many years away from the age of natural menopause. Menopausal symptoms can cause significant worry and embarrassment. Our women health’s general physician or gynaecologists can address questions about sexual function and the safety of various available treatments.

Long-term consequences of an early menopause can include osteoporosis (loss of bone density which may predispose to bone fractures) and, possibly, accelerated atherosclerosis (inflammation of the arteries which can lead to coronary artery disease and stroke).

During consultation, advice will be given about lifestyle factors and medical treatments that may help relieve symptoms. Our doctors work closely with our multidisciplinary team, which includes clinical psychologist, physiotherapist as well as a clinical sexologist and counsellor, to formulate an individualized treatment plan taking into consideration the cancer diagnosis and particular menopausal symptoms.

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