Sexuality and Intimacy Counselling

The primary goals of sexuality and intimacy counselling are to allow women to discuss about their sexual wellbeing and encourage them to talk about any sexual changes that they may be experiencing. These changes may be of concern to them as an individual or impacting on their relationship in a negative way.

Through sexuality and intimacy counselling, women will feel empowered by looking at new and different possibilities to enhance their sexual self-esteem, overall self-confidence, and intimacy with self, relationship and others.


Sexuality and intimacy consultation is part of WOMEN Centre’s multidisciplinary treatment approach that aims to achieve the best possible outcome for clients who may face issues and / or challenges in sexuality and intimacy.

A typical sexuality and intimacy consultation will last one hour. Our clinical sexologist and counsellor will do an assessment of client’s sexual concerns in a collaborative, respectful manner and provide practical, informational resources to women (and their partner).

During the consultation, our clinical sexologist and counsellor will:

  • Listen and acknowledge concerns.
  • Consider ways of enhancing the client’s sexuality and intimacy, as an individual or for her relationship.
  • Help clients who have had a cancer diagnosis, surgical treatments, illness, or post baby(ies) to understand related changes to body image and sexual self-esteem.
  • Maintain healthy sexual functioning and sex life.
  • Address sexual difficulties and awkwardness with connecting sexually.
  • Redevelop a healthy sex-life balance.
  • Provide a confidential, safe space to listen and talk about sexual wellbeing.

Psychosexual Changes

Sexual concerns and / or changes are very common following certain surgeries, pregnancy, or certain treatments for medical conditions. Research suggests that overall quality of life and general wellbeing are often lower for women (and men) who do experience sexual difficulties. The issues may include physical changes (such as vaginal dryness and painful intercourse for women or erectile difficulties for men), low sexual self-esteem, and changes to emotional intimacy.

Sexual difficulties, such as low libido and difficulty to orgasm, are very common even for men or women who are otherwise healthy. Within relationship, it is normal to experience the ebb and flow of sexuality and sexual activity that are related to the desire and frequency of sexual activity and intimacy. This can be further impacted by illnesses or certain medical treatments.

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