Paula Watt

Clinical Psychologist

Paula Watt - Clinical Psychologist

Paula has more than 17 years of experience in clinical psychology and assists patients who face psychological issues during diagnosis, treatment and recovery. With her specialist knowledge in psycho-oncology, Paula’s contribution to the multidisciplinary treatment approach at WOMEN Centre facilitates the best possible outcome for patients who may face unexpected psychological distress and challenges.

Paula had extensive training in a broad range of psychotherapy and provides psychotherapy for adults experiencing personal and interpersonal problems. She has developed a specialized knowledge and experience with patients diagnosed with cancer and receiving treatment for cancer. She would find an approach that suits the individual and their issue in a collaborative and respectful manner.

Paula has worked in both the private and public health services and was previously a senior clinical psychologist at the Breast Cancer Clinical Psychology Service at Royal Perth Hospital. She also contributed her expertise and time at the Community Mental Health Clinics and Child, and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

Paula received her bachelor’s degree from Murdoch University in 1979, Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Curtin University in 1994 and Master of Psychology (Clinical) from University of Western Australia in 1998. She is a member of the Psychology Board of Australia and Australian Psychological Society.