Pregnancy prepares a woman for parenthood as it is also a complete leap into the unknown. She may not know how long the journey will take, whose help she may need along the way, or how she will feel when the baby arrives.

Our obstetricians strive to provide the highest quality, comprehensive pregnancy care that covers services such as preconception counselling, antenatal care for routine and complex pregnancies, labour and delivery, as well as postpartum advice and follow-up. They will care for mothers-to-be in a compassionate and respectful manner where the wellbeing of the mother and baby is of the utmost importance and no request is unreasonable, as long as a positive outcome for the mother and baby is assured.

At WOMEN Centre, we believe in a multidisciplinary approach and provide seamless care from pre-conception to post-baby. Whether it’s strengthening pelvic floor and core muscles with our physiotherapist; if needed, sitting down with our clinical sexologist and counsellor to talk through sexual issues; getting some pregnancy advice from our midwife; seeking emotional and psychological support from our psychologist; and regaining and improving fitness post pregnancy through tailor-made fitness programmes with our exercise physiologist – our specialists are always ready.

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